Friday, 1 April 2011

I'll definitely vote YES - but I can't get excited over AV.

I have just read about a friend’s serious, intelligent wrestling-match over the question of deciding how best to use her genuinely divisible single (or crude, two-part) vote for the Scottish election next month. It's at points like this that I wilt at the thought of what my fellow Lib Dems have done. They got us a referendum on whether we should make an unfair system marginally slightly fairer! Well Whooooooopeeeee!!!! Why? Why for the love of God didn't they have the wits or the guts to say no too Hague's offer of a referendum on AV? Why didn't they say, “Sorry William lad. We'll accept either AV without a referendum or a referendum on a real proportional system - but not a referendum on the least worst option”.

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